Document name code (Subset: Invoice type code)



Code Name/Description
71 Request for payment

Document/message issued by a creditor to a debtor to request payment of one or more invoices past due.

80 Debit note related to goods or services

Debit information related to a transaction for goods or services to the relevant party.

82 Metered services invoice

Document/message claiming payment for the supply of metered services (e.g., gas, electricity, etc.) supplied to a fixed meter whose consumption is measured over a period of time.

84 Debit note related to financial adjustments

Document/message for providing debit information related to financial adjustments to the relevant party.

102 Tax notification

Used to specify that the message is a tax notification.

218 Final payment request based on completion of work

The final payment request of a series of payment requests submitted upon completion of all the work.

219 Payment request for completed units

A request for payment for completed units.

331 Commercial invoice which includes a packing list

Commercial transaction (invoice) will include a packing list.

380 Commercial invoice

(1334) Document/message claiming payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between seller and buyer.

382 Document/message in which a seller specifies the amount of commission, the percentage of the invoice amount, or some other basis for the calculation of the commission to which a sales agent is entitled.
383 Debit note

Document/message for providing debit information to the relevant party.

386 Prepayment invoice

An invoice to pay amounts for goods and services in advance; these amounts will be subtracted from the final invoice.

388 Tax invoice

An invoice for tax purposes.

393 Factored invoice

Invoice assigned to a third party for collection.

395 Consignment invoice

Commercial invoice that covers a transaction other than one involving a sale.

480 Invoice out of scope of tax

An invoice issued by a party who is out of the scope of tax regulations and shall not collect tax on the invoice. The invoice should not contain tax details or information about the party tax registrations.

553 Forwarder's invoice discrepancy report

Document/message reporting invoice discrepancies indentified by the forwarder.

575 Insurer's invoice

Document/message issued by an insurer specifying the cost of an insurance which has been effected and claiming payment therefore.

623 Forwarder's invoice

Invoice issued by a freight forwarder specifying services rendered and costs incurred and claiming payment therefore.

780 Freight invoice

Document/message issued by a transport operation specifying freight costs and charges incurred for a transport operation and stating conditions of payment.

817 Claim notification

Document notifying a claim.

870 Consular invoice

Document/message to be prepared by an exporter in his country and presented to a diplomatic representation of the importing country for endorsement and subsequently to be presented by the importer in connection with the import of the goods described therein.

875 Partial construction invoice

Partial invoice in the context of a specific construction project.

876 Partial final construction invoice

Invoice concluding all previous partial construction invoices of a completed partial rendered service in the context of a specific construction project.

877 Final construction invoice

Invoice concluding all previous partial invoices and partial final construction invoices in the context of a specific construction project.