Allowance or charge identification code (Subset: Peppol)

Code specifying the identification of an allowance or charge.



Code Name/Description
41 Bonus for works ahead of schedule

Bonus for completing work ahead of schedule.

42 Other bonus

Bonus earned for other reasons.

60 Manufacturer's consumer discount

A discount given by the manufacturer which should be passed on to the consumer.

62 Due to military status

Allowance granted because of the military status.

63 Due to work accident

Allowance granted to a victim of a work accident.

64 Special agreement

An allowance or charge as specified in a special agreement.

65 Production error discount

A discount given for the purchase of a product with a production error.

66 New outlet discount

A discount given at the occasion of the opening of a new outlet.

67 Sample discount

A discount given for the purchase of a sample of a product.

68 End-of-range discount

A discount given for the purchase of an end-of-range product.

70 Incoterm discount

A discount given for a specified Incoterm.

71 Point of sales threshold allowance

Allowance for reaching or exceeding an agreed sales threshold at the point of sales.

88 Material surcharge/deduction

Surcharge/deduction, calculated for higher/ lower material's consumption.

95 Discount

A reduction from a usual or list price.

100 Special rebate

A return of part of an amount paid for goods or services, serving as a reduction or discount.

102 Fixed long term

A fixed long term allowance or charge.

103 Temporary

A temporary allowance or charge.

104 Standard

The standard available allowance or charge.

105 Yearly turnover

An allowance or charge based on yearly turnover.