Document name code (Subset: Invoice type code)



Code Name/Description
80 Debit note related to goods or services

Debit information related to a transaction for goods or services to the relevant party.

82 Metered services invoice

Document/message claiming payment for the supply of metered services (e.g., gas, electricity, etc.) supplied to a fixed meter whose consumption is measured over a period of time.

84 Debit note related to financial adjustments

Document/message for providing debit information related to financial adjustments to the relevant party.

380 Commercial invoice

(1334) Document/message claiming payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between seller and buyer.

383 Debit note

Document/message for providing debit information to the relevant party.

386 Prepayment invoice

An invoice to pay amounts for goods and services in advance; these amounts will be subtracted from the final invoice.

393 Factored invoice

Invoice assigned to a third party for collection.

395 Consignment invoice

Commercial invoice that covers a transaction other than one involving a sale.

575 Insurer's invoice

Document/message issued by an insurer specifying the cost of an insurance which has been effected and claiming payment therefore.

623 Forwarder's invoice

Invoice issued by a freight forwarder specifying services rendered and costs incurred and claiming payment therefore.

780 Freight invoice

Document/message issued by a transport operation specifying freight costs and charges incurred for a transport operation and stating conditions of payment.