Code lists

Identifier Name/Description
Aligned-TaxCategoryCodes Aligned tax category codes
Codes specifying tax categories in jurisdictions.
UNCL5189 Allowance or charge identification code (Subset: Peppol)
Code specifying the identification of an allowance or charge.
UNCL7161 Charge reason code
ISO3166 Country codes
ISO4217 Currency codes
UNCL2005 Date or time or period function code qualifier (Subset: Peppol)
Code qualifying the function of a date, time or period.
UNCL1001-inv Document name code (Subset: Invoice type code)
eas Electronic Address Scheme (EAS)
UNCL1153 Invoiced object identifier scheme
ICD ISO 6523 ICD list
UNCL7143 Item type identification code
MimeCode Media Types (Subset: PINT)
UNCL4461 Payment means code
Aligned-TaxExemptionCodes PINT tax exemption reason codes
UNECERec20 Recommendation 20, including Recommendation 21 codes - prefixed with X (UN/ECE)
SEPA SEPA indicator